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{"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."} - Alan Kay

Intelligence led policing

just got smarter...

Advances in technology have been a mixed blessing for contemporary law enforcement agencies. Take the explosive spread of Internet access over the last two decades, for example. On one hand, everyday technologies like social media and other applications are a boon to law enforcement but they have also made it possible for gangs and even terrorist organizations to coordinate like never before, creating an entirely new digital space that needs policing.

...building an application for law enforcement is not revolutionary, 

building the right application is...

Screen Sergeant™

Pioneering technology for the 'officer-on-the-go'


Ever-increasing calls for service, manpower restrictions, and minimal training time makes the job of policing mentally, physically and emotionally challenging.  As stress increases, memory decreases making mistakes inevitable. 

Screen Sergeant gives you incident-specific verbal instructions at the push of a button, reminding you of critical response related information when you need it most.

Supervisors, and Field Training Officers can also conduct on-the-spot performance evaluations. Lessons learned from conducting an After Action Review can be collected and shared agency-wide.

Reduce stress.  Improve performance.  Screen Sergeant.


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"Design is not just what it looks like,

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